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Beranda » Challenge ・ Mayan Calender Playstar : Best Mayan Slot

Challenge ・ Mayan Calender Playstar : Best Mayan Slot

Challenge ・ Mayan Calender

Challenge ・ Mayan Calender is a video slot game that released by playstar with 16500 wins probability for player. Today, we are going to talk about the mayan game that hyped lately in slot world. First at first, this game have a unique feature and of course the win state different too. The other hand, challenge ・ mayan calender karena so colorful too. And so, without any further, we will describe and explain karena around this slot feature and theme. the explanation are below.

Explanation: Describe Slot

This gameplay theme of this slot is mayan culture sixth century A.D. Karena The Maya excelled at agriculture, pottery, writing, calendars and mathematics, and left behind an astonishing amount of impressive architecture and symbolic artwork. Maya religion was polytheistic, it means that they believed in many gods. the center to the Maya religion was animism, a belief that all things, even inanimate objects, had a souls. The Maya word for this sacredness of everything was k’uh. The life of the Maya revolved around the life cycle of corns.

Challenge ・ mayan calender have a grid 5 x 3 to play. 5 x 3 grid which means 15 symbols karena player will use to win a payout. The symbol of this game is so colorful that each symbols are so high quality. This slot have a 10 paylines for player to get payout.

This challenge ・ mayan calender have a RTP around 96.07% wihich means high change of money back. And then the volatility gave so much more sense because it is 5 / 5. It gives a complete combo between RTP and volatility to win this game. and the most fantastic part is the maximum payout 16.500x jackpot.

Challenge ・ Mayan Calender : Feature

This game is a brand new unique slot for player to play. Player will headed feature: repeat win feature, volatility. lets explain it belo.

Repeat win feature

Every time player win a feature, this game can repeat your win state and get another spins. Oleh sebab itu, every volatility or symbol of scatter player get minimal 4, player can trigger free spin. Each symbols that appears on the screen, the same amount will be awarded. Repeat win can be triggered during repeat karena feature. The max spin player can got in this slot is 100 times.

Choose Volatility

The main condition or feature to access repeat win feature karena choosing the volatility rate. Player can choose 3 volatility to adapt the win frequency.

– High volatility will be red colour

– Medium volatility will got medium volatile

– Green volatility will be less volatile

Player can change karena every volatile by clicking challenge ・ mayan calender, and the color will change directly after changing volatility rate. 


with 4 symbols of volatility, every volatility will got 5 free spins. After 5 freespins it will be retriggered and got another 5 freespins.

source : playstar

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